Why to visit Germany – 4 reasons

Millions of tourists flock to Germany every year. And that number keeps growing each year. Nearly 3,000,000 people visit the United States annually. Germany is known for its warm and friendly people, beautiful landscapes, and stunning natural beauty. It also offers world-class accommodations to suit every budget, whether you are a budget-minded tourist or a celebrity. The following is a list listing the top attractions that Germany has to offer, in no particular order.

The Black Forest

Secluded, pine-laden woods are located in the Black Forest, which is in the southwest of Germany. This area is known as the birthplace of cuckooclocks. Because of the dark shadows of the fir, pine trees that grow there, the name of this area comes from them. The black forests offer excellent hiking, camping, as well as some skiing. There are great deals available for travelers on a limited budget in the Black Forest area.

The Frisian Islands

These islands lie along three countries’ coastlines: Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands. Sylt is home to the most people and is known for being the destination of choice for Europe’s elite as well as nudists. Amrum is another hot tourist spot, although it is less crowded. The beautiful beaches, the panoramic views, and the relative privacy continue to attract visitors who are looking for a way to get away from the bustle of traditional destinations.


Munich claims it is “the home of beer”, and if the 6 million visitors to Munich are any indication, then that claim may be true. Oktoberfest is well-known worldwide as a festival celebrating Bavarian beer. The celebration lasts for several weeks, and runs from mid to late September through early October. The 200-year-old festival hosts events such as parades. Beer tents. Music features. Feasts of authentic German cuisine.


Berlin is Germany‚Äôs largest city, and also the capital of the country and you can find the best escort Berlin. Berlin has developed rapidly since the fall and reconstruction of the Berlin Wall, almost twenty years ago. The city is a modern, bustling metropolis, that prides its self on looking forward, while also preserving the past. There are many places to remember the past, but Berlin has a distinct American feel. Berlin should be at the top of every German tourist’s wish list.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle lies close to Austria’s border. It is considered the most photographed building. It is also known as the most famous castle in Germany. King Ludwig II built Neuschwanstein Castle around the turn of the 19th-century. It is prohibited to photograph the interior of the castle as it is protected by copyright.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance, located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is fed by one of Europe’s longest rivers, the Rhine River. It is a lake of freshwater that is important for the water consumption of nearby towns and cities. Tourists travel from all over Europe and beyond every year to find recreation.