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In order to get a higher ranking on a new quiz, you will likely have to take more than one. The reasoning behind this is simple – the more quiz you take, the more questions you will be able to answer. In turn, the more quiz you answer, the better your chances are of providing interesting and relevant new leads. It is likely that the best way to get people to take more than one quiz is to offer a limited-time discount.

One of the great ways to encourage people to take more than one quiz is to offer a great discount for each quiz taken. For example, you can offer ten pence for every quiz you pass to your subscribers. If they only take one, then you will only receive one discount. However, if you offer fifty pence for each quiz, you will be able to generate a lot more traffic. This strategy works because people are more likely to take a discount if it is genuinely cheaper than the alternative – they keep taking the quiz but don’t earn anything in return.

A popular way of getting more interaction from your subscribers is by including images in your subscribers’ quizzes. Some quiz platforms include images within their quizzes, but not all do. To ensure that your quiz has images that people can interact with, then include images in your newsletter. You can include images such as a person’s headshot, an image of the product they are buying, or even a picture of your products and services.

Creating quiz templates for your newsletter is a great way to keep your subscribers interested in your company. When people sign up to your list, you can send them a newsletter with multiple short quizzes. Your first quiz will focus on your main offer; the second quiz will include more detailed information on that offer. Your third quiz should be a personalized fit for your audience; it might be related to your niche market, ask a question about a personal trait that you have, or ask them to complete a short survey. By providing your subscribers with different types of questions, you create a sense of interest and participation. Interaction is the key to maintaining a large subscriber base and using quiz templates to design your newsletter is a smart and effective way to make sure that your readers are engaged.

Quizzes can also provide your subscribers with direct information regarding your business. For example, if you created a quiz about healthcare, your subscribers could receive information about the latest news and reviews regarding specific medical treatments, equipment, and procedures. You could also send out pre-scheduled prompts to your audience; for example, if your product has undergone FDA approval, you could send your readers a link to it. Using pre-scheduled prompts is a great way to keep your readers informed about the stuff that you have to offer, but what if you want to use a different format for your quizzes? There are a number of other formats that you can use for your quiz template; in fact, some of the best ones are already pre-designed so that you only have to enter your specific information and enter your code.